Yuva Sakthi Academy Power BI Training Course aims to teach students to explore, describe, and interpret data in its multidimensional form. Students will understand the Power BI Training Lifecycle, Data Analytic Methods Using R programming, Data Model Planning, Data Model Building, Analytics for Unstructured Data, MapReduce, and Hadoop Training with the assistance of experienced professional trainers.

Students in the Power BI Training Course will learn to use mathematics and software for data analysis and specific data analysis methods. Additionally, the training will equip students with critical skills such as Regression Analysis, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing Data Extraction, Predictive Analytics, etc.

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Power BI Training Course Overview

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is one of the world’s most popular business intelligence and data analytics platforms. Power BI is a cloud-based application that is supplied via the Azure Cloud. On-premises capabilities are also available for individual users or when power users create complicated data mashups with in-house data sources. Power BI is unusual in that it allows users to accomplish data preparation, data discovery, and dashboard creation all in the same design tool. The platform interacts with Excel and Office 365, and it has a thriving user community that helps to expand the tool’s features.

This Power BI Course will help you to understand the Advanced Power BI Techniques Such as Query Editor, DAX Calculations, DAX Aggregate Functions, DAX Logic and Filter Functions, Chart Design and Graphing for Data Visualization with Live Industry Projects. Get In-depth Knowledge on Power BI Mobile Apps to Build a Quick Dashboard and view reports from Smart mobile phone.

Topics Covered under Microsoft power bi course

  • Business Intelligence
  • Self Service Business Intelligence
  • SSBI Tools
  • Power BI vs Tableau vs QlikView
  • What is Power BI
  • Why Power BI?
  • Key Benefits of Power BI
  • The flow of Power BI
  • Components of Power BI
  • The architecture of Power BI
  • Building Blocks of Power BI

What Are The Course Objectives?

Learning power bi course will give you the knowledge to produce usable data visualizations that will boost your business intelligence and capacity to make data-driven choices. By the end of this course, you will be able to gather:

  • Navigate between several Power BI tools and their features
  • Discover how to build dynamic dashboards with dig-throughs and relative date filters.
  • create, edit, and format interactive graphics
  • Learn how to create reports using various aggregations and filters.
  • design and use the custom slicers
  • By learning power bi course , you will understand the process of utilizing Power BI, from connecting to different data sources to importing them into Power BI, processing the data, and finally successfully displaying it.
  • Discover how to utilize Power BI Desktop, Power BI Query Editor, and the Power BI Service.
  • Discover how to link similar data sources together.
  • Learn how to make dashboards available via the web and mobile app.
  • Discover how to take advantage of themes and custom visualizations.
  • Discover DAX and how to use it to create measurements.

Advantages of Microsoft Power BI

Using Microsoft Power BI you can empower your teams, find insights buried in your data, and make confident business choices with data. What else?

  • Learn about your team’s strengths and shortcomings.
  • Utilize Immersive Learning (with Cloud Labs)
  • With the correct data, you can track the progression of your talents.
  • Customized training solutions can help you upskill your personnel for modern jobs.

Who Can Pursue This Power BI course?

  • Aspiring Data Analysts
  • Excel users
  • Tableau users seeking to migrate to Power BI
  • Business Intelligence developers and users
  • Professionals looking to automate Excel-intensive work
  • Professionals seeking to enhance their skills beyond Excel

Benefits of Hiring Our Power BI training Experts

  • Immersive Learning: Our certified trainers provide hands-on classroom training. They will help you learn, practice, analyze, and gain insights into your learning while acquiring instantly practical data analysis abilities.
  • Practical Experimentation: We will provide you course handbook with step-by-step instructions; with guided hands-on activities, you will gain confidence and become more productive from the start.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Self-learning films that are engaging, smart flashcards, interactive e-books, recall quizzes, and more.
  • Regular Assessments and Revisions: We know that every learner has a unique learning experience, we will give you proper guidance on diagnostic evaluations, module-end exams, and a final assessment at the end of the program are all part of the curriculum.
  • Insights for Advanced Learners: You will gain in-depth insights about your development and uncover areas where you excel in your performance.

What will you learn in this Power BI Training Course?

  • Create and Build Analytics Reports with Microsoft Power BI
  • Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for Data analysis and Calculations
  • Build Power BI Dashboard for Data analyze and Visualization
  • Connect Excel with Power BI for modern accurate Reports
  • Big data Analysis with Power BI to discover Insights using Virtual Charts
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Cloud for Real time data Analysis
  • R integration will allows users to Run Scripts in Power BI
  • Advanced Analytical algorithms for Quick insights with Drag and Drop Options
  • Create DAX Reports  in Power BI easily
  • Microsoft Clustering Algorithm for Exploring Data and Creating Predictions

Get Power BI Desktop Installed and learn how to automate your reporting Process easily with live examples.  From our updated Course Syllabus you will get Practical exposure on fetching data from Azure DevOps using the Microsoft Power BI Tool with Professional Certified experts.  We give Introduction to Basic SQL and Excel formula refresher Classes for better understanding the Power BI DAX Functions and Power Query.

This Comprehensive Course will provide basic to advanced level training on Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service and Power BI mobile with Live Instructor Led Courses from India.


This Power BI Course is suitable for Data Analysis, SQL Developers, MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) Developers, Microsoft Excel Professionals, BI and Reporting Professionals and Individuals who wish to create digital Reports with Advanced Calculations and Charts using Power BI Tool without any Prior Coding Knowledge.  There are no Prerequisites for taking Power BI Course and exams.

Training Options

Live Instructor led Classes and Self-paced Recorded Video Options available for the Students.  We are offering both Weekend and Weekdays Power BI Courses with multiple batches and timings. Pick a Personal trainer for your one-to-one training for better experience.

If you are looking for corporate training or Group training more than 5 members you can contact us for more discounts Price and individual Batch.

This Power BI Training Course is available in 10+ Countries Such as USA, India, UK, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, Canada, Australia and Japan.  You can choose your Preferred Language to learn Power BI Such as English and Spanish.

We do Offer Live Classroom Microsoft Power BI Courses in Major Cities in India like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Noida and Delhi with Certified Experts.

Eligibility and Pre-requisites

This Power BI Course is Suitable for BI Analysis, SQL Developers, MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS) experts, Tableau Associates, Excel Specialist and others who want to learn Power BI without any Coding Knowledge.  Our Syllabus will Cover Basic SQL before Starting Microsoft Power BI Tools to become a Best Power BI Developer.  Learn Power Bi in Just 20 Classes with Drag and Drop Options to Create Customized Dashboards with Real-time data from this Power BI Training.

This entire Course is designed to help you to clear the exam 70-778: Analysis and Visualization Data with Microsoft Power BI. Get exam dumps and Mock Questions which will help you to face this exam very easily and give Confident to Pass.

This Power BI Course will make you Expert in data visualization, data analysis, data transformation and Creating Interactive Reports Charts techniques in Just 50 days. Get Trained on Power BI Desktop, Mobile and BI Report Services with Experts and enhance your Microsoft Power BI Skills for your future.

It’s the right Time to learn Power Bi Tool and generate analysis & Reports Tasks easily. Our Power Bi Courses with Videos and Back up classes make you simple to learn Step by Step. Join with us for Power BI Training and get highly paid BI Jobs in the Industry.

The Microsoft Power BI Training and covers essential concepts in Power BI, namely Power BI Desktop, Power BI Q&A, Power BI Custom Visuals, Power Pivot, Power Query, Power BI DAX, Power BI Content Packs, Power BI Integrations with SQL services and Azure Machine learning services. The Power BI Classroom Training also covers Power Bi architecture, mobile apps, reports, desktop, service, visualizations, and derive business insights.

Exploring the above concepts in the Power BI Course will help you to know the information in-depth, experiment with them, fix the issues, prepare, and present the information easily and quickly. The Microsoft Power BI Training is aligned to exam 70-778 named Aligning and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI.

Once the candidate completes the Power BI Course from Yuva Sakthi Academy, they will be awarded a Microsoft Power BI Training course completion certificate at the end of the course. According to PayScale.com, the average salary of entry-level Microsoft Power BI Developer in India is about 445,000, whereas an experienced Microsoft Power BI professional gets approximately 2,000,000. Both Power BI Classroom Training and training are trained by instructors who are highly skilled and experienced in their respective sectors.

About Microsoft Power BI Training Course

The Power BI Training course syllabuses from Yuva Sakthi Academy are developed by professionals who stay updated about the latest trends and technologies in the Power BI industry. It means our Power BI Training Course syllabus helps to make the candidates clear the Microsoft Power BI Training and interviews quickly and get placed in top MNC and IT companies. Apart from that, the Power BI Training contains real-time scenarios and projects to make the candidates understand the concepts easily and quickly.

The Power Bi Course helps the candidates to learn everything from the first graph to the advanced Power BI techniques. The candidates will get in-depth knowledge about transforming data, creating interactive reports, data visualization, data modeling, and deriving real-time insights with the help of Power BI tools and technologies with practical executions and case studies.

The Microsoft Power BI Training and incorporates you to the Power BI desktop, how they are used for Data Modeling, learn about Data visualization with Power BI Desktop, Power Map and Power View, Data Analysis Expressions, and more. The Power BI Training will enable the candidate in exploring, discovering, and visualizing the data with the help of Natural languages.

The Power Bi Training from Yuva Sakthi Academy also enables the candidate to master the dashboard development from already published reports, explore the data insights, and create recipes practically on diverse tasks that you will be able to perform with Power BI tools and methodologies. The candidates also work with real-time and industry-based projects during the Power BI Training.

Upcoming Training Batches

Yuva Sakthi Academy provides flexible timings to all our students. Here is the Power BI Training Course Schedule in our branches. If this schedule doesn’t match please let us know. We will try to arrange appropriate timings based on your flexible timings.

Time Days Batch Type Duration (Per Session)
8:00AM - 12:00PM Mon - Sat Weekdays Batch 4Hr - 5:30Hrs
12:00PM - 5:00PM Mon - Sat Weekdays Batch 4Hr - 5:30Hrs
5:00PM - 9:00PM Mon - Sat Weekdays Batch 4Hr - 5:30Hrs

Power BI Training Syllabus

Introduction to Power BI

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will be introduced to what Power BI is, why to choose power BI, its building blocks, other various fundamental concepts of Power BI

Topics Covered:

  • What is Power BI?
  • Why Power BI?
  • Benefits of Power BI
  • Building Blocks of Power BI
  • Fundamental Concepts of Power BI

Power BI Desktop

Learning Objectives:

In this module you will be introduced to Power BI Desktop, software installation and overview of software

Topics Covered:

  • Software Installation Procedures and Guidelines
  • Overview of Software
  • Power BI Sign UP
  • Introduction to Tools and Terminologies
  • Refreshing Power BI Service Data
  • What is a Dashboard?
  • What is a Report?
  • How to share Dashboard and Report?

Data Source Connection and Data Transforming

Learning Objective: In this module you will be introduced to how to connect to a data source, perform cleaning and transformation of data

Topics Covered:

  • Connecting to a Data Source
  • Upload a local CSV File
  • Connect to Excel Data
  • What is a Query Editor?
  • Import Data vs Direct Query
  • Data Cleaning and Data Transformation
  • Merging and Appending


Datasets will be provided for practicing how to load and perform cleaning and data transformation.

Modelling using Power BI

Learning Objective:  In this module you will be introduced to data modelling, how to manage relationships, creating calculated columns, measures and quick measures

Topics Covered:

  • Modelling of Data
  • Manage Data Relationship
  • Cardinality, Cross Filtering
  • Default Summarization and Sort By
  • Creating Calculated Columns
  • Creating Quick Measures and Measures


In this you will be given hands-on to work on datasets, create calculated columns, manage relationships etc.,

Learning Objective:

In this module you will be introduced to DAX

Topics Covered:

  • What is DAX?
  • Why is DAX Important?
  • DAX Syntax
  • Data Types in DAX
  • Functions in DAX
  • Measures in DAX
  • Operators in DAX
  • Tables and Filtering in DAX
  • Queries in DAX
  • Parameter Naming in DAX


In this module hands-on will be given on various DAX functions

Data Visualization

Learning Objective: In this module you will be introduced to what is data visualization, importance of data visualization, creating charts using Power BI

Topics Covered:

  • Creating Visualizations
  • Colour Formatting
  • Sort Order
  • Scatter plot and Bubble Charts
  • Tooltips
  • Slicers
  • Cross Filtering, Highlighting
  • Report Level Filters
  • Drill Down and Drill Up
  • Hierarchies
  • Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Matrices
  • KPI’s
  • Cards and Gauges
  • Map Visualizations
  • Custom Visuals
  • Grouping and Binning
  • Selection Pane, Bookmarks & Buttons
  • Z-Order


In this module hands-on will be given on visualization, colour formatting, slicers, filters, grouping, selection pane etc., 

Reports and Dashboards

Learning Objective: In this module you will be introduced to modify reports and dashboards, ask questions to Power BI Q&A

Topics Covered:

  • Modify and Print a Report
  • Rename and delete report pages
  • Add a filter to a page or report
  • Set visualization interactions
  • Print a report page
  • Send a report to PowerPoint
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Create and manage dashboards
  • Pin a report tile to a dashboard
  • Pin a live report page to a dashboard
  • Pin a tile from another dashboard
  • Pin an Excel element to a dashboard
  • Manage pinned elements in Excel
  • Add a tile to a dashboard
  • Build a dashboard with Quick Insights
  • Set a Featured (default) dashboard
  • Ask Questions about Your Data
  • Ask a question with Power BI Q&A
  • Tweak your dataset for Q&A
  • Enable Cortana for Power BI


In this module hands-on will be given on how to add filters to reports, set interactions, create dashboards etc., 

Publishing and Sharing Reports

Learning Objective: In this module you will be introduced to how to publish and share your dashboards and reports, saving options. 

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Sharing Options
  • How to Publish Report From Power BI Desktop?
  • How to Publish Report to Web?
  • How to Share Dashboards Using Power BI Service?
  • What is Content Pack?
  • How to Save as PDF?
  • What is Row Level Security?
  • How to Export Data from Visualization?


In this module hands-on will be given on how to share dashboard with Power BI service, how to save as PDF and exporting data from visualization

Trainer Profile of Power BI Training Course

Our Trainers provide complete freedom to the students, to explore the subject and learn based on real-time examples. Our trainers help the candidates in completing their projects and even prepare them for interview questions and answers. Candidates are free to ask any questions at any time.

  • Trained more than 2000+ students in a year.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Certified Professionals with High Grade.
  • Expert level Subject Knowledge and fully up-to-date on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time projects in their Industries.
  • Our Trainers are working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, Birlasoft, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Scope, Philips Technologies etc

Power BI Training Exams

Yuva Sakthi Academy is Accredited by all major Global Companies around the world. We provide after completion of the theoretical and practical sessions to fresher’s as well as corporate trainees.

Our at Yuva Sakthi Academy is accredited worldwide. It increases the value of your resume and you can attain leading job posts with the help of this in leading MNC’s of the world. The is only provided after successful completion of our training and practical based projects.

Key Features of Our Training Institute


One on One Teaching


Flexible Timing


Fully Practical Oriented Classes


Class Room Training


Online Training


Corporate Training


100 % Placement

Projects in Power BI Training Course

Sales Pipeline Dashboard

Build a dashboard to get a clearer view of your sales pipeline and know where your leads are coming from, so that you can double down on your efforts there to meet your targets.

Sales Growth Dashboard

Build a dashboard to measure your sales team’s performance and how much revenue can be raised within a specific time frame.

Healthcare Data Dashboard

The Power BI Training Healthcare Data dashboard for hospital managers to manage and identify patients’ risk from one screen.

Training Courses Reviews

I highly recommend the computer training institute for anyone who wants to improve their computer skills. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, and they create a comfortable and supportive learning environment. The curriculum is well-structured and covers a range of topics, from basic computer operations to advanced programming languages.



*Right place to learn new technologies *Self motivated staffs ... *This institution is a good start for emerging youngster who has a passion in their life I have trained for core Java. It was very useful to learn java from basic level. *The trainers are knowledgeable and real time worked employees. I like this institutions be hope with us. You are really reached your goals....


Harish Arjunan

One of the best academy to easy learn tally prime from kalpana mam one to one teaching is very excellent ..,coaching is very good and motivational person are here ...great service and excellent teach and friendly staff, good environment and comfortable to learn easily Thank you for wonderfull guide mam. ....


Priya Mohan

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a powerful business analytics service provided by Microsoft. It allows users to visualize and share insights from their organization's data. With Power BI, you can create interactive dashboards and reports, connect to a wide range of data sources, and leverage advanced analytics capabilities to uncover meaningful insights.

Whether you're analyzing sales data, monitoring marketing performance, or tracking financial metrics, Power BI helps you transform raw data into actionable insights that drive informed decision-making across your organization.

How does Power BI work?

Power BI works by connecting to various data sources, importing data into a centralized location, and then transforming that data into meaningful insights through visualizations and reports. Here's how it operates:

  • Data Connectivity: Power BI connects to data sources such as Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, cloud services like Azure, and many others.
  • Data Transformation: With Power Query, you can clean, transform, and shape data to suit your analytical needs without altering the original source data.
  • Data Modeling: Power Pivot allows you to create relationships between data tables and define calculations using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions).
  • Visualization: Power BI provides a wide range of visualization options (charts, graphs, maps, etc.) to create interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: You can publish your reports securely to the Power BI service, share insights with stakeholders, and collaborate in real-time.

Overall, Power BI simplifies the process of turning raw data into actionable insights through intuitive tools and robust analytics capabilities.

What are the benefits of using Power BI?

Power BI offers numerous advantages for organizations:

  • Rich Visualizations: Create compelling visualizations with ease, making data insights more accessible and understandable.
  • Wide Data Connectivity: Connect to hundreds of data sources, including Excel, SQL Server, Azure, and more, allowing comprehensive data integration.
  • Advanced Analytics: Perform complex data analysis with built-in AI capabilities and predictive analytics.
  • Real-Time Insights: Access real-time data and monitor key metrics with live dashboards and streaming datasets.
  • Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem: Seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft tools like Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams for enhanced productivity.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Scale your analytics solutions as your business grows, with options like Power BI Pro and Premium for enterprise-grade performance.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure data security with role-based access control (RBAC), data encryption, and compliance with industry standards like GDPR and HIPAA.

By leveraging Power BI, organizations can empower users at all levels to make data-driven decisions and gain competitive advantages through actionable insights.

How can I learn Power BI?

Learning Power BI involves several steps to master its features and functionalities:

  1. Official Documentation: Start with Microsoft's official Power BI documentation to understand the basics and advanced topics.
  2. Online Courses: Enroll in online courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and edX, offering structured learning paths and hands-on exercises.
  3. Community and Forums: Join the Power BI community forums, participate in discussions, and learn from experienced users and experts.
  4. Practice with Sample Data: Download sample datasets from Microsoft or use your own data to practice building reports and dashboards.
  5. Certification Exams: Consider taking Microsoft's official certification exams for Power BI to validate your skills and knowledge.

Continuous learning and hands-on practice are key to mastering Power BI and leveraging its full potential for data analysis and reporting.

Can Power BI connect to Microsoft Azure?

Yes, Power BI can connect seamlessly to various Microsoft Azure services:

  • Azure SQL Database: Directly query and visualize data stored in Azure SQL Database.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL Data Warehouse): Analyze and report on large datasets stored in Azure Synapse Analytics.
  • Azure Blob Storage: Access and analyze data stored in Azure Blob Storage containers.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage: Integrate with Azure Data Lake Storage for advanced analytics and big data scenarios.
  • Azure Cosmos DB: Query and visualize data from Azure Cosmos DB, Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service.

This integration allows organizations to leverage Power BI's powerful analytics and visualization capabilities on data stored in Azure, enabling comprehensive data-driven decision-making.

What are the different versions of Power BI?

Power BI is available in different versions tailored to various user needs:

  • Power BI Desktop: Free desktop application for building interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Power BI Pro: Subscription-based service for sharing and collaboration, offering enhanced data capacity and distribution.
  • Power BI Premium: Enterprise-grade solution with dedicated capacity and improved performance for large-scale deployments.
  • Power BI Embedded: Embedded analytics solution for integrating Power BI reports and dashboards into custom applications.
  • Power BI Mobile: Mobile app for accessing and interacting with Power BI reports on smartphones and tablets.

Each version of Power BI caters to different organizational needs, from individual users to large enterprises requiring scalable analytics solutions.

What industries use Power BI?

Power BI is widely adopted across various industries for its robust analytics and visualization capabilities:

  • Finance: Financial institutions use Power BI for financial reporting, budgeting, and fraud detection.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare providers leverage Power BI for patient analytics, operational efficiency, and compliance reporting.
  • Retail: Retailers utilize Power BI for sales analysis, inventory management, and customer insights.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturers employ Power BI for supply chain analytics, production monitoring, and quality control.
  • Government: Government agencies use Power BI for performance dashboards, citizen engagement analytics, and regulatory compliance.
  • Education: Educational institutions use Power BI for student performance analytics, enrollment trends, and institutional effectiveness.
  • Telecommunications: Telecom companies use Power BI for network performance monitoring, customer churn analysis, and service optimization.
  • Utilities: Energy and utility providers use Power BI for grid analytics, asset management, and energy consumption insights.

Power BI's versatility and industry-specific solutions empower organizations to derive actionable insights and drive business growth.

Can Power BI handle big data?

Power BI is capable of handling large volumes of data, including big data scenarios:

  • Direct Query: Power BI supports direct query capabilities to query large datasets in real-time without importing data.
  • Composite Models: With Power BI Premium, you can create composite models that combine data from different sources and large datasets.
  • Integration with Azure: Power BI integrates seamlessly with Azure services like Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Data Lake Storage for big data processing.
  • Distributed Computing: For extremely large datasets, Power BI Premium offers enhanced performance and scalability options.

By leveraging these capabilities, organizations can analyze and derive insights from big data environments effectively using Power BI.

How secure is Power BI?

Power BI prioritizes data security through various measures:

  • Data Encryption: Data in Power BI is encrypted both at rest and in transit to protect against unauthorized access.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Administrators can assign roles and permissions to control access to datasets, reports, and dashboards.
  • Row-Level Security (RLS): Implement row-level security to restrict data access based on user roles or attributes.
  • Compliance Certifications: Power BI complies with industry standards and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOC, and ISO for data privacy and protection.
  • Microsoft Cloud Security: Leveraging Microsoft's robust cloud infrastructure, Power BI benefits from advanced security features and monitoring.

Organizations can configure security settings and compliance policies within Power BI to meet their specific regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data effectively.

What are the pricing options for Power BI?

Power BI offers flexible pricing options to suit different organizational needs:

  • Power BI Desktop: Free for individual use, ideal for building and testing reports locally.
  • Power BI Pro: $9.99 per user per month, enabling sharing, collaboration, and access to advanced features.
  • Power BI Premium: Starting at $4,995 per month, providing dedicated capacity, enhanced performance, and large-scale deployment capabilities.
  • Power BI Embedded: Pay-as-you-go pricing for embedding Power BI reports and dashboards into custom applications.
  • Power BI Free: Limited free version with basic features, suitable for individual users or small-scale deployments.

Organizations can choose the appropriate Power BI pricing plan based on their user requirements, data volume, and desired functionalities for business intelligence and analytics.

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